Thursday, April 19, 2012

Journal 20.4.12

Work is coming along nicely on my little art show. I have totally finished two boards, with another one about 50% of the way there. Above is a sneak preview at one of the finished boards.

Learning a lot about how different sorts of inks, stains and markers work on plywood. Considering experimenting with varnishing a board first, then painting over the top of that. It would mean I couldn't selectively colour the board (unless I start planning things a lot more carefully that I usually do) but I might be able to get a cleaner line. Possibly I could approach it by roughly drawing the design in pencil, staining parts of the wood, then varnishing it, then tidying it all up with brushes and markers at the end. It would probably still need another coat of varnish on top of that as well.

The glossy varnish really makes the boards gleam and look like a proper finished piece of art you might actually consider buying if you were completely wasted (which I'm counting on).

I'm trying to think of what to put on the back of the boards now. At the moment they have horrible, rough grip tape, which I'm thinking of replacing with nice black felt.

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