Monday, February 21, 2011

Possible replacement for middle panel on page 3 of Lost Lemuria comic

Above is a redesign of the long middle panel from the third page of a thus far untitled comic I'm working on. I will probably paint it tonight and post it tomorrow if it turns out well.

Some things that aren't evident in the black and white draft:
The floor is going to be a big union jack.
Behind Mr Fort is the London skyline - very rough and blurry at the moment.
Hopefully it is apparent that we are looking at the back of someone sitting in a chair addressing Mr Fort.

Thanks to Chris for his input!

EDITED to include the newly coloured panel and the adjusted page. I'm pretty happy with it so long as you avoid the glaring inconsistency. I hope there's only one glaring inconsistency anyway!


  1. looks good.

    i think it would be a shame to lose the glorious monkey servant though.

  2. James this comic is looking sick! I like the new panel, I think it makes the power dynamic more clear!

  3. Thanks dude masters!

    Don't worry Chris, I plan to resurrect that monkey servant, but possibly as a servile gorilla rather than a small chimp - funnier that way, or at least less plausible, both of which are important!

    Thanks for the feedback Pete! I am just painting it now, will scan it tomorrow!

  4. excellent, when it comes to servile simians, plausible < not plausible.

  5. nice!

    i wouldn't have noticed the inconsistency if you hadn't said that there was an inconsistency in there somewhere (it's the bg behind fort's head, right?)

  6. It is! The sky is hideously overcast in the first panel and then blue in the fourth panel. Oh well, that's what Photoshop is for I guess.