Sunday, February 20, 2011

Comic Page 3

Looking at these last three posts together, it seems to me that they are getting progressively worse (not that I'm not generally happy with them all).

In trying to analyse why the first page posted works better than these others, I've noticed how striking the really large panel is. I do like the close-ups on this third page, but the wide middle panels on both this and the 2nd page bug me. Both panels try to show a room and have a lot of things to see in them – perhaps they would work better to show off important, single items? The abundant space should impart importance to the contents of the panel. At least that's what all that stuff about white space in graphic design suggests.

I also wonder if the scraps of Fort's diary that serve as indicators of time and place in the first panels wouldn't work better condensed into one in the first panel alone. It seems weird having the second panel saying they are at Crystal Palace when the first panel is of Crystal Palace.


  1. poor fort is having a tough time so far, i like how he's sweating profusely the whole time.

    i like the pacing you've got. maybe the first panel with the queen in it could have been from behind the throne and a downshot, that would have set fort in the scene and delayed her reveal slightly (not sure if you want suggestions or not).

  2. Suggestions are definitely welcome, thanks Chris. I like your suggestion - I will try re-drawing that panel at lunch I think.

    The second page was a bit of a Frankenstein's monster as well - I had to re-draw the first panel and cobble the two scans together in Photoshop.

    It will be an interesting challenge to squeeze a dramatic downshot into this horizontal panel - Ill try to post my efforts this afternoon.