Sunday, February 20, 2011

All Time great comic book sequences

One of my favourite sequences in a comic, and one that I think is remarkable for a couple of reasons, comes from BPRD: Plague of Frogs #5. It is a creepy sequence of Abe Sapien (the mysterious fish-man who first appeared in Hellboy, and who is now a major character in the spin-off BPRD comics) having a near-death experience and getting a glimpse of his own strange past as a scientist/conspirator/Victorian dude.

The most obvious thing about this lengthy sequence (a couple of panels of which I have presented above entirely without permission) is that it has almost no dialogue.

The big panels and limited palette of sympathetic colours give a dreamy quality to the whole thing, and it goes for several pages, showing Abe, or Abe's astral form perhaps, floating amongst Cyclopean ruins which are straight out of Lovecraft.

The art is by Guy Davis, whose work I initially didn't like but now absolutely love. Anyway, it is a fine piece of art I read and re-read and you might like it too.

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