Monday, July 30, 2012

Shellac Print Gallery poster!

My friend Liz at the Shellac Print Gallery in Northcote just sent me this scan. I did this poster about a month ago in her store one evening while a couple of local bands played to a crowd of about 40-50.

It was the last day of the Northern Exposure art festival and one wall of the shop was dedicated to my stuff, and I got to set up in front of it.

I had a big easel borrowed from the church across the road and did this over about 2 hours, with brushes and ink. It was a lot of fun and was a really great atmosphere to work in. I enjoyed making a font on the spot as well. I didn't plan the drawing at all before I went into the store, I just did a rough thumbnail that looked alright then went for it.

The actual poster is about 60cm high. The beetle is supposed to be a Shellac beetle, with a few creative liberties taken.

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