Friday, January 20, 2012

New News

I've made a new online portfolio hosted by the good, clean folk at Carbonmade, which I'll be using to showcase all my professional work from now on. That means I can use this site for fun stuff instead!

(In case anyone is interested, Carbonmade offer free hosting for simple online portfolios suitable for any visual arts. I've found it really good so far and would recommend it. There is also an option to pay for more features like using your own URL, and customising some other features of the site. I am happy with the free site for now!)

So, from now on I'll probably still keep posting any new professional stuff on here just to share it, but I'll try to upload some more sketchy stuff I do for my own amusement/arousal.

In other James-related news, it looks like I'll be having a little art show around the middle of the year. Details are a little hazy but I need to produce some new work before then and I'm trying to settle on a theme to tie the 5-6 pieces together. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Just for fun, here is a little flyer I spammed Melbourne with a few months ago, which actually led to me getting this little show:


  1. thats cool man, take photos of your show i'd like to see it!

    i also love that god (i presume) is sweating with exertion from the epic solo he's busting out.

  2. Thanks Chris!

    He's actually supposed to be Zeus, who, when I think about it, is usually depicted pretty much the same as god.

    After years of House of Squid sessions, I'm not sure if I could ever draw a bearded man with a cigar who WASN'T sweating profusely!

  3. Nice drawing James. Here's a suggestion for a theme, the little-exploited world of Australian megafauna and their interaction with the aborigines. Apparently they coexisted for a fair while, and there is evidence that the aborigines hunted them to extinction. I'm talking diprotodon, procoptodon, giant goannas, huge flightless birds, marsupial lions. I'd like to see a drawing of an aborigine riding a diprotodon while chasing down a moa...